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304不锈钢六分格分区餐盘早餐午餐晚餐食物供应食堂学校公司饭盒家庭日常使用 2022

304 Stainless steel six divided section compartment plate breakfast lunch dinner food serving container partition tray for school canteen company home daily use 2022

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Widely used in places such as schools, factories, companies and prisons in Asia, especially in China, the original form of the stainless-steel canteen plate is considered a symbol of the rapid process of modernisation and westernisation. It makes evident the changes in people’s relations through the changes in the way of eating.




Crossing multiple cultures, throughout time and space, it is difficult for eating together to escape its sociocultural desirability and idealization. Since the emergence of modern science and social revolutions, dining habits have been associated directly with social order, public health and wellbeing. China wasn’t an exemption. The urge for being independent and strong has driven the nation to develop as fast as it could economically. The original model of the six compartments 304 Stainless-steel canteen plate has been created to increase studying efficiency, to explore the potentiality of the working labour, to control the population by regulating diet balance according to the related studies and to meet the requirement of the imported hygiene standards. Conventions of commensality have been replaced with a collective passion for a social vision. Throughout the utilization of the recent decades of the classic plate with six different compartments, it has become common sense that is shared by many generations.



Based on the original plate model, a set of 1:1 Airfix Kits has been designed and developed.

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#1 304 SSCP
截屏2023-08-04 15.46.21.png
#3 304 SSCP
截屏2023-08-04 17.47.16.png
#5 304 SSCP
截屏2023-08-04 15.46.32.png
#2 304 SSCP
Ba Busch

Ernst Jandl

Haoqiao Jiang

Benjamin Cosmo Westoby

St. Chads Project, London, the UK

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