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​姜灏桥  Haoqiao Jiang

b.1998, Shaanxi, China



除了个人创作语言的探索,在早期的艺术学习阶段,我很幸运地通过川美的特色工作室深度参与了“艺术与社会”课题的艺术活动,也由此萌发了将社会学作为艺术创作底色的思考和学习方式。从本科开始通过创立“Good Neighbor 好邻居”艺术小组,在武汉、重庆等地举办艺术活动,联动本地居民与艺术群体关注中国工业化、全球化宏观叙事中,个人、社区的变化与更迭。

Haoqiao works across photography, video, installation, music and poetry. Being a young, Asian female artist living in uncertain modernity, she concerns about her cultural background and political identity, explores how it has formed and constantly shaped the immaterial part of her world. 


By tightly engaging with DAC (Dimension Art Centre, Chongqing-based art org) and following the steps of her tutor Professor Tu Zeng, she expanded her focus from photography to the practice of art and society. A young art group Good Neighbour has been co-funded by the end of 2017. The core purpose for its establishment is to expand the potential reality of what a good relationship is, for residents and their communities, and how to build this through carrying out artistic events. In the context of the great narrative of China’s industrialisation, globalisation and urbanisation, which have profoundly impacted generations, on how individuals perceive themselves within the interactions with their communities, various topics have been discussed by the group. 


She is now continuing her research and practices in fine art master course at Goldsmiths, University of London. Interests across multiple disciplines, including socio-politics, regional cultures, gender, language and philosophy. 


instagram: 87jhaq

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