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Message Sending 2021


這個作品源於在金匠的第一學年末的藝術家自發群展。在試圖尋找一個共同關切的話題,做一個共同的展覽的時候,我們發覺我們分散在三大洲(亞洲,歐洲,南美洲),而這因疫情而起的阻隔卻用水(江洋湖海)實現了溝通的可能。水可以是交流的載體,但何嘗又不是那股分割我們的力量呢?由此,我們分別在各自的城市與水發生關係,五件作品最終通過網站於線上短期呈現(Time and Tide Wait for None)。


This work was committed by the group exhibition that I had by the end of my first-year studies at Goldsmiths. When we as a group of artists trying to find a shared interests’ topic in order to form one exhibition together, we found it interesting that we were separating in three continents (Asia, South America and Europe) due to the compact of the coronavirus. Water can be the carrier of communication, however, isn't it the force that divides us at the same time? As a result, we made works in relation to the water (rivers/oceans) in our cities respectively, and five works of ours were finally presented online through our temporary website (Time and Tide Wait for None).


在Message Sending中,兩篇麵包上的時間與近似自言自語的事件分別對應著發生這事件的英國和阿根廷時間。


In Message Sending, the two sentences were made with my whisper-like words and the corresponding times in the UK and Argentina where the other group members were in during our exhibition.

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